Elliot, My Sales Assistant

When I first started my business in 2006, I began selling my art in San Francisco as a street vendor.  I was out there once or twice a week.  When the weather was nice, I would bring my sweet little dog, Elliot, with me. After a while some of the other vendors got to know me and Elliot.  The days when I didn’t bring Elliot, people would asked, “Where’s Elliot?” or “Where’s your dog?” or “Where’s your puppy?” Even the people who used to walk by on a regular basis would ask me where Elliot was.


After a few weeks, I realized that Elliot really liked strollers. I guess he was around me and my wheelchair all of the time, he probably figured that strollers were smaller versions of wheelchairs.  Who knows?  Whenever a stroller came by my booth, Elliot went right up to it to say hi.  While the kids were petting him, the parents would start talking to me and/or my attendant and look at my art.  Then they asked the kids which one they like and bought that piece.


Obviously, Elliot was brilliant and knew what he was doing. Plus, he was so sweet and adorable he was a magnet for customers to stop by and buy my book.  Elliot was officially one of my first sales assistants.

Elliot 1.jpg